A New Essay on the Schlemiel in Thomas Pynchon’s “V” for Berfrois


As one can see from different Schlemiel Theory posts over the last two months, I have been writing different motifs in the fiction of the great American writer Thomas Pynchon (on the “fat Jew,” “Lardass Levine,” in his short story, “Little Rain,” on Aryan Bikers and Stoner Schlemiels in his book Inherent Vice,  and on his treatment of sloth, slowness, and schlemiels in his Slow Learner collection).   Building on my research into Pynchon’s work, I have recently published one of two parts of an essay on the schlemiel in Thomas Pynchon’s V for Berfrois.    

Click here to take a look at the new essay.

The second installment will be in before the end of January.  I will post it here when it is published.

Despite all the stumbling blocks in my way and bananas I slip on, I will continue to research the schlemiel.   My goal has and continues to be to provide the most diverse and far reaching analysis on the schlemiel in the world.  My archive of essays, interviews, and guest posts that pertain to the schlemiel continues to grow and is the largest database on this character to date.

On a personal note, the research I have done on this character has awakened me to the fact that this character is more than a passing fad or minor character.  It’s comedy speaks to something that is widely shared and deeply human; something particular to Jewishness and something much more general and common to not just Americans but people around the world who speak in many different languages.

I hope you joy this essay and continue to support Schlemiel Theory.  Without you, none of this would be possible.


Menachem Feuer


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