Today is the Web Premier of “Shlemiel” – a Documentary by Filmmaker Chad Derrick on Menachem Feuer


Dear friends,

I hope all of you are off to a great New Year.

We’re happy to announce that Shlemiel, our humble 25 minute doc, is now available for free viewing online.

After three years of grassroots and festival screenings – and a much longer process of filming, fundraising and editing – we’re thrilled to send it out (at last) into cyberspace.

Shlemiel charts a chapter in the spiritual journey of Menachem Feuer – Chassidic front-man for a Toronto rock band – who is driven by musical ambition and challenged by a crisis of faith.

For those of you who have inquired for years about seeing Shlemiel – have seen it already – or have never heard about it – we invite you to watch and share. It’s been quite a ride and an honour for us to share our work with you.

Of course, your feedback is welcome.

Go see Shlemiel

on VimeoYoutube or through our website.

Also, feel free to visit or like us on Facebook

or follow us on Twitter @shlemiel.

All the best,

Chad and Menachem

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