Pop-Up Judaism and Millennial Jews

A great piece. Is the “pop up”…..a figure of “post-Judaism?”

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Pop-Up-Shabbat-Facebookpop-up judaismPop-Up-Shabbat-Facebook

With a traditional pop-up book, a three dimensional figure or scene leaps off the space of the two-dimensional page. Intended to surprise and delight, the contemporary usage of the term “pop-up” more broadly refers to temporary, ad hoc, and event-particular ventures that appear in unlikely venues at which people and things are mingled into unexpected combinations. Associated with supper-clubs, “pop-up restaurants,” in particular, are a relatively new trend among the hip, young and millennial. In the same spirit, “Pop-Up Judaism” would refer to Jewish events in which informality takes pride of place. It appears where you don’t expect to find them, outside the synagogue and family table, in bars or on rooftops, Shabbat supper-clubs in an intimate living space meant to invite strangers. About pop-up, you can read more here. Pop-up Judaism is sort of “post-Jewish.”

Debra Nussbaum Cohen writes about it here at the Forward. With a…

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