Men in Cars (Barack Obama & Jerry Seinfeld)

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obama car

You can see them here kibbitzing, President Barack Obama and comedian Jerry Seinfeld are two incredibly powerful men, one more so than the other, and one very rich, driving around in a very cool car, a 1963 Corvette. They then sit down together to talk in what looks like the White House canteen. Both men demonstrate a liquid intelligence, a complete and fluid facility with language and physical gesture, exposing different kinds of excellence as they talk about people and power and craft in this neat little portrait of powerful men in sharp suits and pressed shirts. Elegant human beings, they are not like the rest of us. Even Obama’s wristwatch is cool.

In the concluding scene of the main body of the segment, the two men pretend to try to drive out and leave the White House grounds, but to no avail, not on their own, the Secret Service won’t…

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