A Schlemiel’s Journal – Day 1


A Schlemiel’s Story ???


A Schlemiel’s E-ronic PoemNoems ??

Nothing Analytical, Really – Try this…

Ok, Ok, OK ALREADY!   So, so… here he is…I mean, here I am.

This dude’s – that’s right ME – shuffling off to Cheeecago, tonight!

Yes, tonight!

What’s he got say, huh?

I’m about to launch my new career!

Its called ((((((lights, camera, action))))) “advertising!”

Hey Sillypants!

(((((((Smiles))))))  (((((((Smiles))))))))

(Spoiler Altert: Walter Benjamin (aka Schlemeilster) said that criticism – clear throat – should be an advertisement.  Not like an advertisement.  No, no!

Ok: say after me: “criticism as advertisement.”

(Academic Moment: Here’s an article I wrote on it for Ctheory: http://www.ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=506

Dead giveaway!

How embarrassing to speak like this and show zeezzz videooz…on a Schlemiel-in-Theory Blog?  Oy, Menachem Matthew! Whatever your name is!  Oy!

No, no mom, NO!…let me speak, don’t cry…let me speak: Hey!  Come on, dude!  Wake up!  Wake up! Stop this shit before someone gets hurt!

My worst nightmare, he said.  Something like this.

(((((((Subway Cars Flash By The Platform – E Train, Broadway and 76th)))))))))

Matt: But did he open his big FAT mouth again? 

Menachem: Yes, he said too much.

Matt: He’s in trouble?

Menachem: Duh? I think so…

Matt: Funny how life is, ya know? 

Menachem: No, I don’t.



Ok, so here they are – the secrets: those Deep and Delicate, Personal Moments


Yes, it’s those moments which…like, you know…change us: from animals into clouds.

It’s those moments when you said what you should not have written.

It’s those moments when you really start believing.

It’s in those moments when you feel light, like snow


And then you see

A partridge tree and a

Green pied piper

With picklepear leaves

And those words – I can see them now – on your arm:




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