Happy Birthday Saul Bellow!

Today is Saul Bellow’s birthday.  In honor of his birthday, I have decided to hyperlink several essays I have written on his wonderful work.  Enjoy!   Saul Bellow on Shalom Aleichem’s Motl. Saul Bellow’s Literary Question: What Happens When a Schlemiel Nearly Dies While-Watching-A-Trial?  A Schlemiel With a Russian Revolver: On the Un-Heroic Conduct of […]

A New York Intellectual’s Jewish Question: Alfred Kazin’s Reflections on Jewishness and Writing

Alfred Kazin is known as one of the “New York Intellectuals.”  This group of pre and post War Jewish American thinkers – most of which were the children of immigrants – included brilliant budding minds such Irving Howe, Hannah Arendt, Leslie Fiedler, Saul Bellow, Paul Goodman, and Irving Kristol.   While they were all staunchly anti-Stalinist, […]