A Response to Zachary Braiterman’s “Messianism, History, & Schlemiel Aesthetics (Kenneth Seeskin)”

I look forward to reading Zachary Braiterman’s posts every week on his blog Jewish Philosophy Place and I admire and respect the work he has published on Jewish Philosophy, aesthetics, and theodicy.  I have learned a lot from his work. I was especially interested in the blog entry he posted entitled “Messianism, History, & Schlemiel […]

“It’s Almost Incomprehensible!” The Circus and Kafka’s Natural Theater

As I noted in the last blog entry, Ernst Bloch believed that “the circus is the only honest, down-to-earth honest performance.  A wall cannot be built anywhere in front of spectators who sit in a circle and surround performers.  Nevertheless, there is an estrangement” (179). The confluences between Bloch and Walter Benjamin, in this claim […]