Who is Laughing? On “Laughtivism” and its Opponents

When Walter Benjamin wrote Gershom Scholem from Paris, on June 12, 1938 about Kafka, humor, and salvation, Adolf Hitler had already established his first work camp (1933), organized an anti-Jewish boycott (1933), burned “un-German” books (1933), passed the Nuremberg Race Laws (1935), sponsored an anti-Semitic art exhibition in Munich (1937), and annexed Austria (1938).   And […]

“He’s a schlemiel…And proud of it: Upstate New York native overwhelmed by hometown support” by Brian Moskowitz

Last Sunday (May 3), I spoke at Knesseth Israel Synagogue which is located in my hometown: Gloversville, New York.  I talked about the Schlemiel, being an American and a Jew, and my family’s path to and in America. The following is an article written by Brian Moskowitz, a freelance journalist and copywriter currently based in […]


Schlemiel Theory is a blog dedicated to the Jewish comic character otherwise known as the schlemiel.   It reflects on real-life-schlemiels and fictional ones.   Schlemiel Theory doesn’t restrict itself to one geographical location or another or one time period or another.   As any schlemiel knows, it’s all about the journey.* Menachem Feuer – the […]