Schlemiels Don’t Adapt: Saul Bellow on Sholem Aleichem’s Characters

Citing the traditional joke about the schlemiel who spills the soup on the schlimazel, Ruth Wisse, in The Schlemiel as Modern Hero, argues that the schlimazel “happens upon mischance” and “has a penchant for lucklessness”(14).  But “the unhappy circumstances remain outside him”(14).  In other words, the schlimazel’s comedy is situational.  The schlemiel, however, is different […]

Happy Birthday Saul Bellow!

Today is Saul Bellow’s birthday.  In honor of his birthday, I have decided to hyperlink several essays I have written on his wonderful work.  Enjoy!   Saul Bellow on Shalom Aleichem’s Motl. Saul Bellow’s Literary Question: What Happens When a Schlemiel Nearly Dies While-Watching-A-Trial?  A Schlemiel With a Russian Revolver: On the Un-Heroic Conduct of […]