A Special Article for Berfrois: “On Innocence: Robin Williams and the Comedy of the ‘Little Man’

Today, a piece I recently wrote on Robin Williams entitled “On Innocence: Robin Williams and the Comedy of the ‘Little Man’” was published in Berforis, a wonderful Arts and Culture magazine. Here’s the link to the article.  Take a look! http://www.berfrois.com/2014/09/menachem-feuer-on-innocence-robin-williams-and-the-comedy-of-the-little-man/

Robin Williams and The Post-Holocaust Schlemiel in “Jacob the Liar”

Both Roberto Benigni and Robin Williams are popular, internationally acclaimed comedic actors. Their work does a lot to open up the possibilities of comedy and expand its scope. Perhaps in an effort to test the limits of comedy, they took on one of the most difficult tasks imaginable for a comedic actor in the 20th […]

A Note on the Poet, the Philosopher, and the Simpleton in William Carlos Williams’ “Paterson”

I didn’t grow up in the generation of the Beat Poets, but I was always interested in them.   One of the poets who had a great influence on Beat Poets like Allan Ginsburg or Lawrence Ferlinghetti was William Carlos Williams.  One of the first books of poetry I read of his was “Paterson.”  I recently […]